Kinni River Corridor Project

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The uniqueness of the resources demands that efforts to protect and enhance the ecosystem and to ensure the long-term viability of the resources should be a very high priority. According to the WDNR, the Kinnickinnic River has one of the highest densities of brown trout in the state. Trout densities range from 2,000 to 12,000 trout per stream mile. The river is classified as an Outstanding Resource Water (OWR) above STH 35 and the remaining portion of the river classified as Class I trout is an Exception Resource Water (ERW). The trout fishery and aquatic habitat is threatened by agricultural and urbanization. To put the Kinni in perspective, of Wisconsin’s 53,413 streams and rivers, only 254 are designated as ORW, and 1,544 are designated as ERW. Wisconsin has a total of 42,000 stream/river miles in the state. Based on the current ORW/ERW list, a total of 3,179 stream miles (7.6%) have been designated as ORW, and 4,668 stream miles (11%) have been designated as ERW (source: WDNR).