Kinni River Corridor Project

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January 2017 - Dam Removal Feasibility Report.pdf  and Dam Removal Concept Plans.pdf, commissioned by Friends of the Kinni


March 21, 2016 - Lake George and Lake Louise Sediment Assessment Presentation to the City of River Falls Utility Board


March 14, 2016 - Lake George and Lake Louise Sediment Assessment Report


2006 - Lake George Depth Survey


October 2003 – Kinnickinnic River at River falls, Wisconsin – Thermal Study


April, 1999 – Nonpoint Source Control Plan for the Kinnickinnic River Priority Watershed Project


1998 – Surface Water Resource Appraisal Report for the Kinnickinnic River


1996 – Lake George Management Plan


April, 1995 – Kinnickinnic River Watershed Management Plan (205J Plan)


Kinnickinnic River Monitoring


May 1990 – FERC Order Approving Exhibits


April 1990 - Notice of Revised Exhibits


1985 - Lake George Feasibility Study Results and Management Alternatives


1976 – Hydrologic Study of Lake George and Upper Kinnickinnic River Watershed