Kinni River Corridor Project

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By rfjnews on Jan 25, 2017 at 5:00 a.m.

The Kinnickinnic River and its future have drawn much attention in the city over the past couple of years and prompted the formation of the Kinni Corridor Project committee.

As the newly formed committee begins to analyze the river, city project manager Buddy Lucero said the committee is committed to collecting feedback from all citizens.

To that end, the city has planned six "Tech Talks," the first of which is set for 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26, in the public library's lower level.

The Tech Talk, “River Corridor Planning 101,” is part of the City of River Falls’ comprehensive, two-year planning process focused on the Kinnickinnic River Corridor and the existing and future relationship of the community with the river and adjoining urban and undeveloped areas.

The community discussion on Thursday will be led by Ed Freer, a senior planner with SEH, the project’s consulting firm. Freer has over 40 years of urban waterfront design and community-based planning experience. He has served as a resource member to many civic task forces and professional panels and as a member of national design juries. He has been an urban design resource for the Mayors Institute on City Design, Urban Land Institute, and American Institute of Architects Community by Design.

The session will review corridor planning, give an overview of the role that precedent projects and case studies play in corridor planning, and the early themes and planning principles that emerged from the project's kick-off event in December. The evening will include time for dialogue.

The overall goal with the tech talks is to raise community awareness and to keep people updated on all the information being compiled.

Some future Tech Talks include:

  • Jan. 26, "Corridor Planning 101"
  • March 9, "River Ecology"
  • April 6, "Economic and Neighborhood Development"
  • May 18, "Hydro Facilities and Relicensing
  • July 20, "Dam Removal Alternatives"
  • Sept. 7, "Recreation and Tourism"