Leave No Trace is an international nonprofit organization that uses the power of science, education, stewardship, and simple guidelines to support and protect nature. Dana Watts, Director says “Learning, practicing, and engaging with Leave No Trace is more important right now than ever before. Issues like climate change, dwindling biodiversity as well as the mere numbers of people getting outside right now have created a perfect storm. What so many people don’t know is that committing to just one, single, simple act of Leave No Trace is contributing to a tangible difference in the health of our outdoor world.”

Problems We Solve. The problems listed below are just some of the challenges the natural world faces today. Leave No Trace develops and enacts viable solutions through educational outreach and action.

  • Trashed Natural Areas – removing trash is a simple but important and effective act of stewardship. 
  • Polluted Water – simple, easy-to-follow advice helps ensure that rivers, lakes and oceans receive high levels of protection.
  • Lack of Inclusivity in the Outdoors – the outdoors is for everyone. Learn what effort you can take and the ongoing movement to make the outdoors a place for all. 
  • Wildlife at Risk – access to human food, or just approaching too closely, is more harmful than most people imagine. 
  • Damaged Trails – preventable when people adopt and apply Leave No Trace principles.
  • Destructive Fires – careless human actions are the most common causes of destructive fires leading to billon-dollar losses and the death of people and while life. 
  • Educating Youth About Outdoor Stewardship – giving kids the proper tools and education to be lifelong environmental stewards is the best way to get them invested in nature and conservation, while getting them to spend more time in the great outdoors. 
  • Crowded Parks - applying Leave No Trace principles can reduce overcrowding and its destructive impacts on the natural landscape and avoid or mitigate social conflicts.  

Since 1994, Leave No Trace has partnered with select companies and organizations that share a passion and commitment for protecting our cherished outdoor resources. Our partners, believe in the health of wildlife, perpetuation of biodiversity of our natural world and share a commitment to sound science and research. These important partners contribute their voices and resources to further the important work of Leave No Trace.

The Leave No Trace Spotlight Program is supported by Subaru.