Key Issues

Through a collaborative effort between the City, stakeholders and community members, the following key issues will be addressed:

  • Hydrologic conditions for the Kinnickinnic River, Lake George, and Lake Louise.
  • Ecological values and best practices for resource protection and management.
  • Floodplain preservation/restoration and flood control.
  • Economic development opportunities. 
  • Recreational opportunities.
  • Land use planning adjacent to the river.
  • Implementation strategies.


  • Conduct an inclusive, collaborative and meaningful community engagement process that seeks to build consensus and reflects community values and desires for the future vision of the river corridor.
  • Develop a full understanding of existing knowledge of the ecological health of the Kinnickinnic River and its recreational uses and opportunities.
  • Assess the hydrologic and geomorphic issues related to the future management of the river with the City’s hydroelectric project facilities. 
  • Determine ecological and land use features of the river corridor in relationship to future management of the river and the future of the City’s hydroelectric facilities. 
  • Advise the City and stakeholders through objective studies and comprehensive analysis regarding the future hydro-electric generation at one or both City’s facilities. 
  • Identify preferred plans for the future river corridor, adjacent land uses, resource management strategies, recreation planning and programming, and economic development opportunities within the study area.


  • Establish a vision for the corridor that represents the aspirations of the community for future land use, economic development,  recreation and tourism.
  • Define strategies to manage the City’s  relationship with the Kinnickinnic River and for improving the river ecosystem.
  • Develop a framework for reviewing and approving development/re-development proposals and public projects in alignment with the Corridor Plan.
  • Prioritize projects that will enhance the character of the community, minimize hazards and preserve critical environmental resources.
  • Evaluate community sentiment for hydro-electirc relicensing within the context of the future vision of the Kinnickinnic River Corridor.