Kinni River Corridor Project

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This is the last of the six Kinni Corridor Project Tech Talks in 2017. Three speakers will discuss the importance of tourism, recreation, and economics as they relate to river corridor planning.

Ed Freer with SEH Inc., the project's planning consultants, will open the evening with a discussion about recreation and tourism in small river towns and how his national and regional experiences translate into local strategies for River Falls.

Patrick Seeb, Director of the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Economic Development Agency, will speak about the importance of economic development and placemaking. He will relate his current experiences in helping transform Rochester, MN, into America’s City for Health and tourist destination. He will also talk about his experiences with the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation and the redevelopment of the City’s riverfront

Bob Kost with SEH Inc. will round out the evening by setting the stage for River Falls' planning “charrette," a four-day community input session, scheduled for Oct. 25-28. He will discuss how the experiences and ideas discussed earlier in the evening, along with input from the community, will be used to bring a vision for the river corridor into focus.

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Speaker Bios

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Patrick Seeb directs the economic development, placemaking, and marketing activities for at Destination Medical Center (DMC) Economic Development Agency in Rochester, MN. DMC is a 20-year economic development initiative that aims to create a more vibrant, authentic community experience for Mayo Clinic patients, visitors, and residents. Its goal is to be the world’s premier destination medical center and America’s City for Health. The $5.6 billion plan is the largest in Minnesota history. In addition to supervising economic development and marketing initiatives, Seeb is responsible for managing and enhancing relationships with investors, public and private businesses, and the community as well as driving initiatives for attracting new business to the City of Rochester DMC Development District.

Before joining DMC EDA, Seeb served for 20 years as executive director of the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation, where he is credited with catalyzing and directing more than $4 billion in new investments in the City of St. Paul. His previous professional experience includes time as president of Grand Excursion, a multi-state initiative focused on the Mississippi River, deputy chief of staff in the administration of former Saint Paul Mayor Norm Coleman, and as a nurse administrator.

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Ed Freer is a senior planner and landscape architect with SEH, Inc. Over the course of his 44-year professional career, Freer has built a significant and award-winning portfolio in urban waterfront design and community-based planning throughout the U.S. He is highly accomplished at facilitating a consensus vision and building broad community support for urban design and redevelopment initiatives. He has served as a resource member to many civic task forces and professional panels and as a member of national design juries. He has been an urban design resource for the Mayors Institute on City Design, Urban Land Institute, and AIA Community by Design. He was the speaker for the City or River Falls first of six Tech Talks, “Corridor Planning 101,” in January 2017.

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Bob Kost is a senior urban planner with SEH, leading the planning aspects of the corridor planning effort. He is an urban designer, certified community planner, and landscape architect with over 30 years of experience collaborating with communities to transform urban brownfields, waterfronts, corridors, and business districts into meaningful places for people to live, work, and recreate. He routinely participates with allied design professionals on complex planning and design projects, guiding the development of sustainable solutions while balancing market forces with community aspirations. Kost helped develop the City or River Falls’ downtown plan